The Vacuum Cleaner’s Components

A vacuum cleaner is an equipment which creates a partial vacuum and thus sucks air and along with it the dust particles and other small things into a dust bag kept inside it. So it is obvious that, basically a vacuum cleaner needs a mechanism to create a partial pressure and to suck air. A dust bag as well. The components of the vacuum cleaner are highly important in contributing with help in it to suck air in, are an electric motor and a fan attached to this motor. Air passes through intake and exhaust ports, because of the very fast revolution of the fan operated by the electric motor, which in turn creates a partial vacuum at the inlet port. The dust it carries along with it gets collected in the dust bag because of the filter present at the exhaust port. This filter prevents the bigger dust particles and dirt to go out through the filter from the exhaust port and thus gets settle down in the dust bag which later can be disposed outside.  Some designs use a disposable dust bags too.

As far as the operation of vacuum cleaner is concerned, the dust passes through a rotating brush before it enters the intake port, because of the partial pressure at the intake port. So basically the components of vacuum cleaner are a rotating/stationary  brush to collect dust, an electric motor and a fan coupled together, intake and exhaust ports, a filter at the exhaust port , a dust bag, a casing/housing  to cover all these  components and electrical connections. In certain designs of vacuum cleaner a separate cleaning head connected through a flexible hose to the intake port is provided. In such designs, the cleaning head is fitted with the roller head via a drive belt to a beater bar. Additional components like flexible hoses, cleaning head either motor driven or with rollers can be found in such designs. Know other vac components, read more.

Nowadays Robot vacuum cleaners are also available which are having very sophisticated components.  It includes sensors and heavy electronic components apart from the essential parts. The robot vacuum are the ones that are operational on automation, and the sophisticated components are put to work in providing the effective cleaning. Vacuum cleaner is a simple yet very useful device with a very few simple and non-moving components. This ensures long life and easy use in our day to day life.